Endpoint Security and Mobile Device Management

SecureCloud’s best-in-class endpoint security provides you with the protection tools you need to:

SecureCloud Endpoint Device Management Products

SecureCloud offerings for endpoint device security management include:

Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets

Malware Defenses

Wireless Access Control

Choose SecureCloud For Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices remain a significant concern for employers, as nearly every employee brings a smartphone to work. How can you respect the privacy of your workers, while simultaneously maintaining visibility on unsecured personal devices that could infect, or leak data from, your corporate email and cloud apps? SecureCloud takes your mobile device management security to the next level. From automated investigation and threat hunting capabilities to significant containment and reporting protocols, we provide you with all the tools you need to detect compromised devices the moment a security trigger occurs. Whether your business is big or small, contact Coronet for more detailed information on implementing our endpoint security solutions for the most comprehensive coverage.