Email Security Management

Coronet’s robust, military-grade email security management tools are built specifically for the cloud to stop threats before they reach your inbox while working seamlessly within your company’s existing email and data security environment. In seconds, our laser-focused email security tools defend against advanced attacks and suspicious email messages, with precision.

With SecureCloud’s full-stack email security management platform, you can:

Email Security Management Capabilities

Email Protections

Incident Response Management

Get the Most Secure Email on the Planet

Today’s biggest email threats are no longer contained in simple spam emails but instead, carefully disguised in purpose-built spear-phishing campaigns and targeted attacks. Yet, somehow, legacy email and cybersecurity companies that burst on the scene 20 or 30 years ago are still selling the same conventional solutions, built for “on-premises email” that is managed and sent from your own on-site server. As the number and cost of data breaches skyrockets, it’s no secret that the old-school email security providers have failed to adequately adapt to the cloud. For the most secure email, choose SecureCloud to access sophisticated solutions to your organization’s security needs. Contact Coronet to learn more.