Cyber Defense Magazine: Coro wins editor’s choice and cutting-edge AI 

Josh KlascoBlog

Every year, IT professionals from around the world come to RSA to learn about the leading technology and breakthroughs in the field. 

 According to Cyber Defense Magazine, this year’s leading technology and breakthrough is Coro!  

Among the companies present (the entire cybersecurity industry, really), Cyber Defense Magazine recognized Coro for two extremely prestigious awards: 

  • Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence 
  • Editor’s Choice SMB Cybersecurity 

If we’d only been recognized for our cutting-edge artificial intelligence, that would have been enough. We have some of the best cybersecurity minds in the world working on our team. Had Cyber Defense Magazine chosen to recognize only them for their gargantuan efforts, we would’ve been thrilled. 

But the fact that Cyber Defense Magazine’s editors also picked us as their choice for best SMB cybersecurity is an incredible honor. 

For years, Coro has been striving to show SMBs and mid-market companies that simplified cybersecurity is the key to their safety. Understand, we have been met with some skepticism. But winning the Editor’s Choice award for SMB cybersecurity is proof that the industry is recognizing the value fueling our audacious mission. 

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