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Coronet, Commjacking and Why All the Fuss About Wi-Fi Security

Posted: July 15, 2015 / Author: Dror Liwer

The word, ‘commjacking’ is a derivation of hijacking and communications. It is a method of intercepting the data and voice flows, or communication channels, from any device that can connect to cellular or WiFi networks. Once those flows are intercepted, hackers can get to any information you are sharing through that device, including personal details, login credentials and so on. Commjackers can even listen into conversations, intercept and manipulate SMS and email messages and all in real-time too – you…

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Welcome to the CoroNet blog!

Posted: January 29, 2015 / Author: Dror Liwer

Our goal in having the blog is to provide you with ongoing updates on news and developments regarding radio attacks, defenses, our expert’s opinions on the field of radio security, and many other things that should interest anyone dealing with Cyber security.Clearly, our aim is not to cover ALL of cyber – there are many fantastic blogs and publications out there that do that wonderfully. Our focus will always be on the Radio layer – which, despite having many well…

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