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How to Mitigate the (App)licable Risks of the Cloud

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How to Mitigate the (App)licable Risks of the Cloud When it comes to cloud applications, such as Office 365, G-Suite, Dropbox, Slack and others, security is about the last thing on users’ minds. Despite these applications’ investing in security measures to harden their products, these companies can’t keep up with the increasing sophistication and frequency of threats targeting their vast …

An airplane on the cover of the Coronet Insecure Airports Cloud Security Report.

The Key Takeaways from Our Insecure Airports Cloud Security Report

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The Key Takeaways from Our Insecure Airports Cloud Security Report It’s been almost three months since we released our inaugural airport cloud security report, Attention All Passengers: Airport Networks Are Putting Your Devices & Cloud Apps at Severe Risk,  which identified and ranked the most insecure airports in the U.S. Since then, the response to our research and analysis has …

Cloud apps leave companies vulnerable to GDPR violations centered around data loss.

GDPR: one size does not fit all

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Why mid-market companies face a tougher road with GDPR. While much has been written about GDPR’s rules, sanctions, and fines, it appears GDPR is often treated as if its effect is equal to any company regardless of size. On paper, it seems that any company that violates the new data privacy regulation will suffer the same international sanctions. GDPR, however, …

Data breaches are costly and can increase the risk of your business failing.

4 main reasons why SMEs and SMBs fail after a major cyber attack

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We live in a time when malicious cyber attacks happen every minute, every day, all over the world. Companies from the smallest startup to the largest organization suffer from cyber attacks. It’s not surprising then that cyber incidents targeting businesses, nearly doubled from 82,000 in 2016 to 159,700 in 2017, driven by ransomware and new attack methods. However, not all …

BYOD security is necessary for modern day businesses who are always on the go across different devices and networks.

Why the next generation of security platforms should be autonomous

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From sci-fi futuristic predictions to everyday reality, machine learning devices are here. Here’s our take on the natural connection between machine learning and cyber security, and about why automatic systems are not enough to decrease IT overload in a cloud-based environment. With needs and requirements changing fast across all sectors, and specifically in cyber security where new threats are emerging …

6 little-known secrets about cloud security, part B

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What every security professional should consider when it comes to fortifying cloud security.  In my last article, I introduced the lesser known parts of cloud security, the ones that no one is talking about. These serve as the key foundation upon which an entire IT operation is built upon, and yet, they are likely to be overlooked. Previously, we shed …

6 little-known secrets about cloud security, part A

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What every security professional should consider when it comes to fortifying cloud security.  Today’s CISOs have their head in the clouds – squarely focused on the need for cloud security. Yet despite this collective focus, the approaches differ; some call for protecting the servers while others want to focus on retraining employees about what they should or shouldn’t upload, download, collaborate on, etc. …

Coronet offers protection against KRACK

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Coronet’s SecureCloud, the platform that offers end to end outside the perimeter security, confirms that it is the first company to offer protection against KRACK. In a paper written by Belgian researchers, a vulnerability in WPA and WPA2 protocols was published in which an attacker executing a multi stage attack could circumvent the built-in protections built into these commonly used …

How To Avoid Getting Hacked On Wireless Networks

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In every public venue, people use Wi-Fi accessible smartphones, tablets and laptops for both work and leisurely activities. The workplace has expanded beyond the four walls of the office to anywhere its network can be accessed via a Wi-Fi signal. Of course, this is a double-edged sword, due to the numerous methods by which cyber criminals can manipulate the wireless …

What’s Government’s Role In Protecting Wireless Networks?

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Both private businesses and governmental agencies are increasingly concerned about the mounting threats to wireless devices and networks. However, government approaches to dealing with the problem vary dramatically. From India, through the United States to the United Kingdom steps have taken range from full blown bans on use of wireless devices in the government workplace to the expansion of BYOD …