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6 little-known secrets about cloud security, part B

Posted: January 12, 2018 / Author: Keren

What every security professional should consider when it comes to fortifying cloud security.  In my last article, I introduced the lesser known parts of cloud security, the ones that no one is talking about. These serve as the key foundation upon which an entire IT operation is built upon, and yet, they are likely to be overlooked. Previously, we shed light on three crucial parts of the security chain protecting the cloud. These were the device, the user, and the…

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6 little-known secrets about cloud security, part A

Posted: December 4, 2017 / Author: Keren

What every security professional should consider when it comes to fortifying cloud security.  Today’s CISOs have their head in the clouds – squarely focused on the need for cloud security. Yet despite this collective focus, the approaches differ; some call for protecting the servers while others want to focus on retraining employees about what they should or shouldn’t upload, download, collaborate on, etc. This often gives rise to an array of new restrictions and monitoring policies. While these approaches usually originate from the…

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Coronet offers protection against KRACK

Posted: October 17, 2017 / Author: Keren

Coronet’s SecureCloud, the platform that offers end to end outside the perimeter security, confirms that it is the first company to offer protection against KRACK. In a paper written by Belgian researchers, a vulnerability in WPA and WPA2 protocols was published in which an attacker executing a multi stage attack could circumvent the built-in protections built into these commonly used protocols. While most key vendors are working on patches to address KRACK, an exploit golden hour exists for attackers which…

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How To Avoid Getting Hacked On Wireless Networks

Posted: April 24, 2017 / Author: Dror Liwer

In every public venue, people use Wi-Fi accessible smartphones, tablets and laptops for both work and leisurely activities. The workplace has expanded beyond the four walls of the office to anywhere its network can be accessed via a Wi-Fi signal. Of course, this is a double-edged sword, due to the numerous methods by which cyber criminals can manipulate the wireless network to gain entry to the company’s network via the device. So, the question remains, how can employees continue their…

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What’s Government’s Role In Protecting Wireless Networks?

Posted: April 6, 2017 / Author: Dror Liwer

Both private businesses and governmental agencies are increasingly concerned about the mounting threats to wireless devices and networks. However, government approaches to dealing with the problem vary dramatically. From India, through the United States to the United Kingdom steps have taken range from full blown bans on use of wireless devices in the government workplace to the expansion of BYOD policies.  In a previous blog post, we detailed how BYOD-friendly companies have declined by 20% since 2013, with 53% of…

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What Dangers Lurk In Your Wireless Network?

Posted: March 9, 2017 / Author: Dror Liwer

Companies across the spectrum are already familiar with a wide range of cyber threats, including; DDoS attacks, phishing email schemes, ghostware and cloud jailbreaking among many others, because these are the ones the media is quick to pick up on. However, there is a lack of awareness regarding a host of wireless network attacks that can be just as damaging if not more. The lesser known wireless threats and what they can do to your enterprise.   Threat #1 -…

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Why Your BYOD Policy & Compliance Is Failing

Posted: February 28, 2017 / Author: Dror Liwer

  In recent months, the debate over the future of BYOD has intensified. On the one hand, we really don’t need Gartner to tell us what we are already witnessing —  that more than half of all businesses will require employees to bring their own device by the end of 2017; while on the other hand a study by CompTIA has indicated a near a 20% drop in BYOD friendly companies since 2013. The latter study concluded that 53% of…

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How to Balance Wireless Network Security With the Thirst for Increased Connectivity

Posted: February 7, 2017 / Author: Dror Liwer

With workers relying more than ever on mobile devices to provide quick access to information, BYOD and BYON have become as ubiquitous and as necessary as office furniture. Yet, even though the “Bring Your Own” approach has revolutionized business, many companies still have a pre-revolutionary view to network cybersecurity. Companies still place great emphasis on protecting the network in the office by relying on many security layers: the firewall, Internet Protocol restrictions and network access control, even though they don’t…

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How Good Wireless Visibility Can Beat the Rogue Access Points

Posted: January 26, 2017 / Author: Dror Liwer

With wireless security, it’s all about visibility. Look around a coffee shop, airport, or even an office building and it’s impossible to miss all the smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. Just about everyone has a wireless device. But the downside to all these devices – and thus the downside to BYOD also – is a security threat that’s not clearly visible: rogue access points. The proliferation of mobile devices prompted a surge of wireless access points, enabling people to connect…

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Cybersecurity Events Not to be Missed, Jan – June 2017

Posted: January 19, 2017 / Author: Dror Liwer

Cybersecurity professionals have enough to worry about without keeping track of the many annual industry trade shows. Well, don’t worry. Stay focused on the threats to your network and allow me to give you a quick rundown on the cybersecurity trade shows that are not to be missed in the first half of this year.   Cybertech Israel   Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, 2017 Tel Aviv, Israel                          …

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