Why any MSP can become a cybersecurity superhero

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Let’s face it. SMBs are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks, and the consequences of an attack could be devastating. While many small businesses  turn to managed service providers (MSPs) to help oversee technology implementation and management, security in many cases remains of the table as it is too expensive to deliver profitably to the SMB crowd. Recent studies shows new …

When it comes to cyberattacks, small businesses are often collateral damage

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How can small businesses can protect their assets from becoming collateral damage in a cyberattack? Large enterprises and international corporations are shining targets for hackers to gaze upon. From industrial espionage to ransomware, data theft is the obvious jackpot for the majority of malicious parties. While much attention is paid to enterprise threats and risk management, there is little spoken …

Why Small Business Cyberattacks Could Prompt Next Recession

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While Fortune 1000s dominate many interactions in our daily lives, small businesses remain the bedrock of the U.S. economy. According to the Small Business Administration, the 30 million small businesses operating in the United States employ nearly half of the total workforce. Unfortunately, these same small businesses have begun to fall victim to cyberattacks at an alarming rate, and whether …

CASB is not enough

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Businesses need to protect the full cloud security chain, not just part of it CASBs protect cloud data usage only when in fact, there are three other links in the security chain that could jeopardize the entire cloud security operation. The identity of the user and devices accessing the platform, the security posture of the device being used, and the …

Cybersecurity for small business

How Small Businesses Can See Past the Misinformation of Enterprise Security Companies

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How small businesses can see past the misinformation of enterprise security companies Cyberattacks against small businesses are on the rise, and many are falling victim to data theft, phishing, malware and ransomware attacks at an alarming rate. According to a special report by Cisco, 53 percent of SMBs have experienced a data breach with more than half of those attacks …

Small business cybersecurity plan

Is Your Small Business Under Cyber Attack?

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Is Your Small Business Under Cyber Attack? Small businesses are falling victim to cyberattacks at an alarming rate, and they must learn to better identify and respond to the threats, in spite of the real and perceived limitations to time, money and resources. Today, both the businesses’ short-term financial health and its long-term sustainability depend on a strong cybersecurity posture, …

Lost data leads to lost business for agencies that experience a cyberattack.

4 Reasons Why Marcomm Agencies Must Get Serious About Cybersecurity

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Attention decision-makers at marcomm agencies – whether that’s a public relations, advertising, digital media or marketing firm – when is the last time your firm truly thought about network, device or data security? If this answer isn’t “yesterday” or “today,” then your agency­, and the client data it is entrusted with, is likely at risk. Today, the vast majority of …

Coronet's predictions for 2019 cyberattacks.

2019: Cyber to the People, Especially to Those in Professional Services Agencies

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2019: Cyber to the People, Especially to Those in Professional Services Agencies As 2018 comes to a close, we must look forward to next year. Why? Because cybercriminals looking to hack, steal and hold information for ransom are already working hard on their next generation of attacks – and unlike your company’s budget, they don’t need to wait until Q1 …

Lenovo & Partners Launch Thinkshield in India

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Lenovo and its partners in cyber security – including Coronet – have launched Thinkshield in India in grand fashion.  Our Vice President of Partnerships is on tour with Lenovo in India, along with Lenovo’s Kevin Beck and Rohit Midha. They are demonstrating how the Lenovo Security Console – brought to you in partner with Coronet – works to protect you automatically …