We make complex security simple

When it comes to IT security, it has been proven again and again: If it is not simple, it simply won’t work. Building operationally simple security systems became our mission.

Through perfecting on that mission, we aim at becoming the world leader in providing organizations of every size with out-of-premises security for their cloud applications, bring-your-own-devices, and communications over public networks.

Securing corporate operations out of premises, aka cloud security, used to require integrated implementation of multiple security systems. Being expensive and operationally demanding, such solutions were available only to top-tier customers. This is precisely what Coronet is changing.

We designed our security engine from the ground up in order to have all the security that is needed available in a single, cloud-based system, removing the need for heavy implementation and integration. Our teams even pushed further and used our engine to make the system fully automated, so you will not need to monitor yet another set of alarms.

We do all the hard work, so you will not need to

Having great technology is not enough. It is what you make out of it. Our design team makes sure you can benefit from Coronet cloud security minutes after activation. We keep fine tuning and making every feature shine, so you will always have a great user experience.

Our developers have pre-integrated our solution with the most common cloud services, so you will not have to do so. We have programmed the best security practices into the product, so you will not need to figure everything out by yourself. And we have made our system smart, really smart, so you will be able to just let it run, while you take care of your business demands.

Recognized by the industry leaders & worldwide partners

We are proud to be recognized by leaders such as Cisco, Frost & Sullivan, CRN magazine, and leading industry giants such as T-Systems, Asgent and many others, who trust Coronet and have included us as part of their portfolio.

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