3 reasons why you should offer your clients a monthly security report

Posted: November 6, 2019 / Author: Keren

MSPs today are required to manage much more than just traditional office and storage software for their clients. Nowadays, as most companies moved to a cloud based working environment, MSPs are not only responsible for managing their clients’ SAAS platforms but are expected to ensure their security..

The challenge is that most SMB clients are not even aware of the fact that cyber security for cloud-based platforms is not as ‘built-in’ as they imagine. It is common for SMBs who outsource their IT needs to an MSP to think that they are completely covered, without taking action or building a cyber security strategy. In fact, they assume that their MSP already took care of all cyber-security matters on their behalf. In fact, 74% of them said that they will sue their MSP in case of a breach.

MSPs are facing a new challenge. On one hand, more companies are beginning to understand the value of cyber security, especially in a cloud based/BYOD environment, but on the other hand they are not always willing to pay the additional costs that comes with reliable security platforms. Even if the cost is minimal and the work is handled by the MSP employees, it is still difficult to get the customers on board. A simple way to avoid this situation is to provide SMBs with a monthly security review. In addition to the obvious valuable service it provides the client, there are 3 additional strategic benefits for a monthly report. 

First and closest to heart for any MSP – a monthly security report shows the true value of their services. When things are ‘handled’, it’s easy to forget that a lot goes on below the surface to assure cyber security tranquility. The client is only looking at what’s above the surface, completely unaware of the threats, risk or possible attacks that the MSP successfully prevented. Think of a monthly report as a look-how-we-kept-you-safe-this-month report, because that is exactly what it is meant to do. That is how you make sure your clients know you are the reason they are out of trouble, the reason they can keep their business routine and sleep well knowing that they are taken care of.

Second, and just as important, sending a monthly report is a way to ensure regulatory and risk compliance. If something does happen and for whatever reason was missed. If that one in a million hack happen to hurt your client, a monthly report is a way to show that you have alerted and kept guard of possible threats. It’s also a very good legal defense if a security lawsuit is coming your way.

Third, a monthly security report is the best way to keep cyber security on your clients mind. As SMBs are usually busy with pushing their revenue and margins, they might think of cyber security as an additional cost, and not a necessity. That monthly reminder of the cyber dangers is the best way to make sure security stays on their mind and on their planned budget.

In short, a monthly report is the best way to articulate your ongoing value to the client, to protect yourself legally and to make sure cyber security is still your clients’ priority.

Coronet makes producing such a monthly report effortless.. In fact, you don’t even have to do anything to get it. all data comes automatically from the accounts connected to the platform. All that’s left for you to do is engage with your client, build a personal relationship and make them feel you got their back. Also, with everything done for you, and with your clients trust in you, it will be much easier for you to increase your scope of services based on the risks the report details.

To download a sample risk assessment report click here.

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