Ever Wondered What Commjackers Can Actually See When They Hack Into Your Device?

Posted: March 26, 2016 / Author: Dror Liwer

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll be very well-versed in the dangers of connecting to public WiFi and cellular networks. Yes, there is a very real possibility commjackers can eavesdrop on your online activity, putting your personal information and sensitive data in the wrong hands. But what exactly do commjackers see and what can they access when commjacking and eavesdropping on your device? If you know what commjackers want, you can avoid using particular applications and sites to ensure you are protected against efforts to steal your data.   May We Tweet That for You? From 2010 to 2015,…

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Commjacking a Child’s World

Posted: March 16, 2016 / Author: Dror Liwer

We know the dangers of using laptops, smartphones and tablets on unsecure WiFi. And now we see that commjackers can infiltrate our lives through other WiFi-enabled products like cars and TVs. Kids’ toys and baby products bring commjackers right into the house, creating a terrifying reality where strangers can spy on the average family.   Hello Barbie Barbie, the mainstay blonde doll in popular culture for more than 50 years, has been through quite the revolution in the past year. Before Barbie was recently redesigned to include a variety of body types, hair textures and skin colors, she was revealed…

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Troublesome Ransomware, Overconfidence in Security: Observations from RSA

Posted: March 10, 2016 / Author: Dror Liwer

It seems like only yesterday I enjoyed the cool San Francisco air while making new acquaintances and renewing old friendships at RSA Conference 2016 USA. The conference was as usual, a whirlwind filled with so many people to meet and companies to explore. Here are my takeaways on the trends and highlights from this year’s conference, and how I believe the cybersecurity landscape will be shaped going forward. Ransomware is on the Rise The threat of ransomware continues to increase,…

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